25-26 October 2013, Moscow, Russia

Moscow. An exciting journey where we presented Oktopod Studio at the conference “YOUTH. TECHNOLOGIES. UNIVERSE”, which was held at Moscow State Aviation Technological University (in short MATI).

Oktopod in Moscow

The conference was about promotion of scientific and technological activities of young people, demonstration of nowadays’ and future directions of development of aerospace technology, project presentations of students of educational institutions.


We held a talk about the Oktopod Studio project and participated on a friendly round table discussion, where we got useful advices and ideas about the future development.


The session was also called Eurobot Friendly Event, while there were presented the best robots from the famous Eurobot competition.

2013-10-24 16.13.16

Later we were guided trough the Moscow FabLab, what was really exciting experience, where everybody can freely use a bunch of CNC machines and 3D printers, and to make their dreams real.

2013-10-26 10.30.10

We have learned some smart technologies about connecting robotics and art by making beautiful 3D sculptures using a simple paper cutter…


And finally, we had some fun at the must to see Memorial Museum of Astronautics 🙂

Many thanks to our friend Anton Yudin from Moscow, who made this event possible for us! (And thanks for the video presentation!)

2013-10-24 14.51.43r