Who we are?

Our Team

Milan Romić
Msc of Mehatronics

He's the mastermind of the Oktopod Studio project. Probably he has the highest mileage on his computer mouse among us. A real programmer. - He could to tell you a lot about robotics, just invite him for a drink.

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Branislav Tejić
Phd student of Mehatronics

He's one of the best electronic experts that we know, who solders as fast as a CNC machine. However, these are not his only skills - he is the only one of us who has receantly tied the knot. Congrats!

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Robert Kovacs
Phd student of Mehatronics

He is the responsible designer and idea creator of the Oktopod team, but right now he is working as a poet, and writes these rows. He is known for always being absent-minded. - If you find a screwdriver, ask me, maybe it's mine:)

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Vojislav Milivojević
student of Microcomputer electronics

The youngest member of our team. We know little about his past, but it is obvious he hasn't learnt PCB design on the streets. We hope he'll prove himself!

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The first idea for the design of this control platform came from young students, who built a cool city model, which they wanted to control using a computer.

As enthusiastic students and young engineers, we accepted the challenge to develop a board for controlling the model system: the railways, ramps, traffic and street lights. We named the platform Oktopod Studio, because when there is everything connected, it looks like an octopus with many legs:) Today, three years later, we come up with the third generation of the Oktopod Studio platform, where we fixed a lot of hardware bugs and software issues. Probably it is still not perfect, but we are on the way :)

Mission and Vision

As big fans of robotics, we want to share our joy in making things that are moving, working, spinning, flashing, jumping, floating and flying... with You!

Thinking and creating are the essential parts of our lives. By constructing robotic applications you can express yourself in a very unique and creative way. Robotics develops the skills of your brain and hands, motivates to think creatively and expands the horizons.

We believe that our toys determine the way we see the world!

Future Plans

Robotics connects different fields and different people: artists with scientists, hobbyists with professionals, young with experienced... Our hope is to build a creative community where people can share their projects and ideas, discuss them, and help each other.